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Yaki's in charge


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Okay, so since Yikitikitake Yakitate is all wanting to revitalize things here, I've made him a SUPER-MODERATOR™ so he can go through the 134 new accounts that have been waiting for validation for like the past two years and actually post stuff here.  :)

Workout Partners


Sergei is in the usergroup ‘Regular’

  • Posted 15th March 2018, 11:37 pm
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A tiny sergal goes to the gym!
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Today was the day. This morning, I was greeted by an echoing howling noise.. It was the dragon yawning. The big guy finally woke up. I snuck my head outside his sock. He was already dressing up for his daily gym exercise. Being still barefooted, he padded off to his kitchen to make breakfast. If I only were underneath those…

One heel of a time


Sergei is in the usergroup ‘Regular’

  • Posted 12th March 2018, 12:39 am
  • By

Tiny sergals and big dragon feets.

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