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A tiny sergal goes to the gym!
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Today was the day. This morning, I was greeted by an echoing howling noise.. It was the dragon yawning. The big guy finally woke up. I snuck my head outside his sock. He was already dressing up for his daily gym exercise. Being still barefooted, he padded off to his kitchen to make breakfast. If I only were underneath those soles!
I admired this thought and turned my head around to watch the television he left on for the night. Appearently there's another macro attack going on near our country.. Let's hope they won't go to our direction. At this size, macros would be like planetary sized beings to me…Their fur would be giant forests towering over me.

After spending some time watching the news (Hah, I knew the camera guy was aiming to get view of the macro's private parts), the big guy returned. I swiftly hid back into his sock, as he grabs his sneakers from under his bed. I got a great view when he wrapped his other sock around his three-toed dragon paw, knowing that I'll accompany the other. He lifted me and his sock up, and sticked his sweaty dragon foot in. I got the best spot there is, under his warm sole, my face stuck between his massive toes. Then his sneakers followed. They are reeking of the stench of dragon feet.. But I enjoyed the smell! It felt warm and damp in here though.

At last, the big scaly guy padded off to the gym. It was a long walk.. And at each step I'd just get squeezed deeper into his sole.

Finally we arrived, at least I think we were. I can't see much in this sock, other than the sexy paw squeezing me of course. Mostly he lifted weights. I couldn't argue with that, a buff dragon like him needs to stay in shape.

Then at last, he finally went to something more interactive..The treadmill! I love that thing so much, a lot of other micros told me they had a fun time being trampled by the bigger folks.

The dragon started off slowly, gradually picking up the pace. I could already felt myself getting squished under his sole like a little bug, toes stretching out beside me. He went faster, and took bigger steps. I bounced around, getting trampled and smothered deeply into his massive dragon foot. I could barely take a breath at this point, as the air around me heated up, his foot squeezing the sweat on my body.

After an hour long of jogging, the big guy decided it was time to go home. I feel exhausted, being thrown and squished for this long time.

I spent the rest of the day with the big guy in the shower, he being still unaware of my presence. From down here, I got a great view of his bare dragon body.. And of course, his privates.

That concludes my blog post.. I can't get the smell out of my fur. I guess I'll have to live with it. Big derg fell asleep again on his bed, still naked. I'm writing this while sitting down next to him, my face leaning on his heel.  Thanks for reading, maybe I'll explore his other parts later. ;>


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