One heel of a time

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Welp, I finally got around to write my personal blog again. A couple of days earlier, I wrote about my curiosity for my dragon roommate's feet.. And like the curious little sergal I am, I took my chance to explore. I've been living in his shoe closet for far too long, the giant scaly beast unaware of my presence.

So, my journey started! That big lizard creature was just lying down on his bed, watching rampage videos as usual. I had to listen in the carpet fibers if the big guy fell asleep. Suddenly I did hear a loud snoring, so I knew this was my chance to get a closer look at his massive paws without him noticing me.

The climb up his bed was unforgivingly long for a tiny creature. But it was absolutely worth it. When I landed on top of his mattress, I was greeted by the stench of his musky workout socks he left on his bed. He never changes or washes them, so they got some smell, along with the dirty imprints of his soles.

After talking a few sniffs, admiring the musk, I looked up. Three toes were towering over me on each foot, and the big skin toned soles welcomed my presence. Those feet are huge! Needless to say, I've spent some time admiring them.. Until I decided to give them a rub. His scaly soles felt great, and with the sweaty texture, I couldn't help myself giving them a few licks. I heard a faint chuckling as the toes stretched out.. Must be the dragon enjoying it deeply as I'm working on his paws.

After a couple of hours playing around, I hopped in one of his socks. Now I'm in there writing my blog, hoping that the big dragon will be wearing them to the gym tomorrow. I can't wait!


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