Wargreymon Housemates (vol. 4)


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Kael stays the night and doesn't take kindly to being spied upon

Jon froze, cursing silently as a floorboard creaked beneath him. After a moment's tense waiting he resumed his stealthy journey across the landing, finally reaching his housemate's bedroom. His hand paused on the door handle; if he were caught there was nothing obvious he could say by way of an excuse, but somehow the thought of not even trying was worse.
    Kael had never stayed the night before, and after an evening spent with both him and Balthor, the alluring bodies of the two wargreymons on almost sickeningly casual display while they beat him in round after round of distinctly unsporting two-on-one video game action, Jon had found himself longing for something.
    It had been nearly two weeks since he had last given his energy to Bal, and not since then had he had felt his housemate's heavenly digimon feet on top of him. It was not something that Jon could quite bring himself to ask for - as well as costing him a severe penalty in humiliation, to ask to be trampled would also sap a good deal of the thrill of domination from the act.
    With Kael sleeping in Balthor's room, Jon hadn't been able to shake the thought as he lay in bed that there were two wargreymons lying within a few inches of him on the other side of the wall. He had tried to picture their relative postures, working out the closest point to their handsome armoured feet and rearranging himself in bed so he was snuggled up against it. Eventually his fantasising had gotten the better of him and, wearing nothing but his boxers, he had crept out of his room.
    Jon opened the door a cautious crack. Upon hearing no sounds from within he silently eased himself inside and pushed the door to, leaving himself the option of a quick escape, should it be needed. Apparently the two digimon had been watching TV: the screen was black but not fully turned off. In the faint glow it cast, Jon could see them lying side-by-side on Bal's king-sized bed. They were motionless on their backs in a slightly unnatural posture of serenity that made Jon think of two deactivated robots - an impression enhanced by the glitter of metal around their powerful bodily contours. Both digimon were apparently still wearing their armour.
    They were also both lying on top of the bed sheets, uncovered despite the coolness of the night air. This particular aspect led Jon's heart to skip a beat as he realised that the four large triangular shapes hanging serenely over the end of the wooden bed frame were all wargreymon feet, armour-clad, bare-soled and faintly illuminated by the glow of the TV. Jon swallowed, instantly, irresistably captivated. Like a deep sea fish to a predator's lure, he crept closer. The floorbards stayed mercifully silent as he eased down onto his knees before the great wall of digimon soles, and he just gazed at them, drinking in their broad, handsome contours as they sagged heavily over the edge of the bed before him, toes drooping slightly in relaxation.
    They were utterly gorgeous. Each one longer than his forearm and close to two hand spans in width. The three big clawed toes looked firm and powerful, slightly paler in colour along with the rest of the sole area. The ball was wide and well-defined, and a silky-smooth arch swept gracefully down to the strong mound of the heel. It was impossible to discern their colours in the faint light, but Jon's memory filled in the gaps, letting him picture Bal's on his left in bold industrial orange and Kael's on his right in deep, smoky blue-black. He could almost feel their heat against his bare skin.
    "I know you're there, fleshy."
    A jolt of panic surged through Jon's kneeling body. It was Kael's voice, deep and quiet, and laced with his usual suppressed menace.
    "If you're done staring, climb aboard. I could use a hit tonight."
    Jon sood up slowly, trembling with adrenaline and embarassment. Behind the wall of those huge black feet he saw Kael lying serenely, the glitter of his eyes just visible within the intimidating triangular eyeslits of his helmet. Arms lifting in a geture half way between apology and self-defense, he took a step back.
    "Don't," the digimon's voice rumbled in warning. "Or I wake him up."
    Jon looked over at Balthor, weighing the embarassment he would feel at his housemate knowing what he had done with the risk of putting himself at the mercy of a somewhat cruel and reckless blackwargreymon for the night. "What do you want?" he whispered.
    "Just a little warming worship," Kael replied with a smooth splay of his toes. "And some of your energy. Payment for the show." He lifted one of his feet and patted the end of the bed. "Up. Quietly."
    After a moment's hesitation and another glance at the sleeping form of his housemate, Jon cautiously obeyed. He plucked a cushion from the armchair beside the TV and crept over to the foot of the bed on Kael's side. The digimon bent a knee to make room for him and he eased himself onto the mattress, propping the cushion against the bed frame behind him then leaning experimentally back against it. He let out his pent-up breath, only to feel his heart start to hammer as the blackwargreymon stretched that leg back out and pushed the heel of his huge armoured foot between Jon's legs.
    "Now, show me who's your master."
    The quietly rumbled words sent another thrill of longing through Jon's already painfully aroused body. After glancing from the great looming sole before him to the dim glittering of Kael's eyes and back again, he slowly leant forward and hugged around that spectacular digimon foot, cheek pressing against the inner two toes while the warm, solid ball touched tantilisingly against his bare chest.
    The armour felt cool and hard against his arms but the sole itself was richly warm and supple. Jon turned his face into the toes and gave a convulsion of startled pleasure as they splayed against him, deeply provocative.
    "Lick it," came the deep, commanding voice again, and he didn't even try to resist, opening his mouth and sliding his tongue passionately against the middle of the digimon's wide, firm ball.
    With a last shaky sigh of surrender, Jon submitted utterly to the dominant blackwargreymon. He sat there, hunched over at the end of the mattress with the broad mound of Kael's heel pressed against his cock through the thin fabric of his boxers and sending surges of electric arousal through him with every movement. By gripping his comparitively tiny hands around the armour on either side of the great digimon foot, he was able to manoeuvre his tongue into sufficiently varied positions to cover the entire top half of Kael's broad, handsome sole. He licked with slow, smooth sweeps, progressing from the base of the ball to the tips of the toes, where the claws tickled against his scalp. Eyes closed in careless bliss, he caressed the warm, firm flesh with his hot little oral muscle while the blackwargreymon simply lay there, as casual as could be while he focused serenely on the sensation of it.
    When the passionate little tongue had finished stretching as far down the ball of Kael's foot as it could reach, the digimon lifted it, sending a convulsion through Jon's muscles as Kael's heel slid against the young man's throbbing cock. It was humbling to see something so huge and solid and heavy as that handsome armoured wargreymon foot being lifted so effortlessly. Jon waited until it had reached an appropriate height, then he leant back in with a sigh and began slowly licking the arch. It was smooth and curved, easily broad enough to contain his whole head when he pressed his cheek against it to feel the heat and strength within.
    He tried to manage the heel too, but halfway through licking over its firm rounded contours, Jon felt his control crumbling. "I can't-" he whispered, body tensing. "Oh god…"
    The great black wall of Kael's sole pulled away, leaving nothing but the coldness of the night air. Jon hunched over, straining to suppress the gathering arousal within his dilated veins, but then the warm, supple flesh of Kael's ball and toes eased down between his legs, pressing his throbbing cock down flat against his heaving belly. Jon's breath caught in his lungs and he went wide-eyed, hot hands gripping cool armour as the great blackwargreymon foot pressed him down into the mattress and began to slowly rub him.
    "No…" Jon shuddered, eyes rolling back as the smooth, clawed toes slid up and down his bare abdomen. His cock gave a few last desperate throbs, then squirted its load into his boxers and he went limp with a breathy groan.
    For a while he was aware only of the soft bed sheets under his cheek as he lay panting quietly, but then the victorious blackwargreymon foot was rolling him over, parting his arms with contemptuous ease to expose his bare chest and abdomen. He didn't resist as it sank down over his heaving body, covering him from the midriff to the neck in warm, black sole flesh and pushing him down into the mattress under its considerable weight.
    "Please," Jon mumbled shakily as he felt Kael's energy drain swell up inside him. "Not too much… I need to stay conscious. Bal can't find me here…"
    The digimon put his other foot on the bed frame beside Jon's head with a soft, weighty whump. "Think you're in a position to negotiate?" he rumbled quietly. "Be quiet and lie still. You're mine now."
    Jon squirmed in protest but was given a firm, warning squeeze that pushed the breath from his lungs and made him think better of it. Instead he lay still and just concentrated on resisting the drain for as long as possible. If Kael fell asleep before him, he might be able to extract himself from under the blackwargreymon.
    "Mmmmm," the digimon growled softly, tucking his arms behind his head as he contentedly sapped the upwelling of energy that Jon's potent orgasm had liberated. The young man's resistance crumbled after a few long quiet minutes and he felt his body go limp, muscles robbed of their strength and mind growing dull. The huge black foot beside him rolled onto its side, revealing a second broad, handsome sole that Kael slid inwards to press its ball against his flushed cheek and enhance the contact.
    Jon groaned quietly, overwhelmed and utterly defeated as Kael's singularity swelled within him, draining him with a swift, ruthless efficiency until he couldn't move at all. Beneath the hot dark soles of the blackwargreymon, he felt his consciousness fading. "Don't," he pleaded, but two heavy clawed toes sank down over his numb face and plunged him into warm, stifling darkness. The faint scrape of Kael's foot armour was all he heard as the digimon began repositioning his great dominant feet on top of Jon, carefully seeking out the optimum position for the drain. When they finally settled, hot and heavy as they buried the upper half of Jon's body, he felt the digimon's singularity expand within him and gave a quiet, muffled groan.
    "That's it," Kael rumbled softly as he lay back, hands tucked behind his head, yellow eyes glittering in the dim light. "Just let it happen. You can't stop it." In a gesture of cruel, unstoppable dominance, he put one of his armoured feet between Jon's limp legs and squeezed the young man's softening cock under top of his arch. It firmed quickly, responding with helpless obedience to the firm, sensual pressure exerted upon it.
    "No," Jon sighed, barely able to breathe the word out from under the wargreymon's other foot. He tried to resist, but Kael just held him still and rubbed smoothly until a second deep, aching orgasm sang through Jon's helpless body. "Ungh," he grunted, but the sound was muffled out by the soft undersides of the blackwargreymon's toes, draped so casually over his reddened face. He had never felt more ashamed in his life. The digimon wasn't even trying - he was just lying there in bed, quietly raping Jon with those big, handsome feet while his host lay sleeping beside him, totally unaware.
    Another shaky huff of breath was pressed out of him as the warm, heavy blackwargreymon feet settled over his upper body, pushed in tightly side-by-side to create a single expanse of firm dark sole flesh that buried him with contemptuous dominance. Jon felt the broad, heavy heels sink into his heaving abdomen, smooth arches stretching over his chest and balls draped firmly over his shoulders and throat, leaving the strong, clawed toes to cover his face, their dark rounded undersides squeezing out the dim outlines of the bedroom.
    Jon gave a last squirm, but the big armoured feet were far too much for him. He gurgled in protest as a squeeze of gentle, mocking pressure overwhelmed his weakening muscles and pressed his limp body down into the mattress, swelling the digimon's sigularity inside him and strengthening the flow of energy. It was all over.
    Jon's thoughts began to slow, the world closing in around him until there was nothing but the feel of Kael's feet covering his upper body. Those warm black soles felt so good against his bare flesh. Firm and heavy and strong. They had beaten him and now he lay weighed down beneath them, helpless while they slowly emptied him. One by one his faculties failed, senses growing numb and muscles going limp.
    Hope sparked within him as the drain began to slow, a welcome end to the upwelling of energy that Kael had forced out of him through those intense orgasms. Jon felt one of the heavy blackwargreymon feet lift, uncovering his left half to the cool night air. Warm, supple toes eased down over his slickened boxers and began to rub smoothly, snuffing out that last flicker of hope. Jon gave a silent gasp as they slid over his sensitive flesh, the rich, potent sensation prickling through the numbing blanket that had settled over his senses. He tried to resist, but found he couldn't move, couldn't speak, couldn't even think. The warm toes were far too much for him and Jon's body gave an exhausted shudder as yet another hot trickle oozed from his aching cock.
    In the midst of his smouldering orgasm, firm, dark sole flesh sank over the side of his face, pushing his head back into the cushion and burying it. He let his eyes droop shut and just lay there, breathing slowly against Kael's smooth arch while the digimon ruthlessly absorbed the last dregs of energy from his unresisting body. Inevitably the warm, heavy digimon feet outlasted him, and he sank into a deep, dreamless sleep beneath them.
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