Wargreymon Housemates (vol. 3)


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Bal and Kael compete over who can induce orgasms in their housemate the fastest

After a last vigorous hair towelling, Jon exited the bathroom in his boxers and jogged downstairs, shuddering involuntarily at the chill. Upon leaning his head into the livingroom and clearing his throat, he was greeted by the sight of a huge, black, thickly muscled forearm, held back with its middle finger raised at him from Kael's armchair.
    "Uh, where's Bal?"
    The blackwargreymon's arm drew back in, vanishing from sight. "Upstairs." He was watching TV, slumped casually in the armchair and facing away from Jon. His huge black feet were stacked on the coffee table, claws glinting in the red and white light of the news channel. He twisted around, looking over the back cushion at the human, then gave a contemptuous snort. "Like a bald, stretched monkey."
    Jon reddened, feeling the digimon's yellow eyes roam over his skinny body. Kael's own, like the rest of his kind, was nothing short of spectacular: ten feet tall, athletically proportioned and packed with firm slabs of smooth muscle. "Thanks," the human said. "That's the look I was going for."
    A smirk and Kael turned his attention back to the TV. "Let me feel." His hand reached out behind the armchair, claws outsplayed.
    Jon flinched as it gripped his proffered arm, squeezing up and down a bit, then retreating in silence.
    The sound of creaking floorboards came from above, then the weighty thump of bare digimon feet coming down the stairs. Jon went to sit down on the floor in front of the sofa, as far away from Kael as was practical, while the digimon paid him a determined lack of attention.
    "All done?" Balthor said as he ducked into the livingroom, and he returned Jon's nod with one of his own, then turned to Kael. "Is he cold enough for you this time?"
    "He'll do."
    "Okay then." The wargreymon looked down at his human housemate. "Game on then."
    Jon grinned. "Is that the one you guys digivolved from?"
    "Huh?" Bal said, coming around in front of the sofa.
    "Game on. It sounds like- Oh Jesus…" He swallowed at the sight. The wargreymon was wearing his customary helmet, hip piece and long-clawed arm guards, but he had removed his breastplate and leg armour. Still, it wasn't the gratuitously exposed portions of smooth, gleaming digimon muscle that had startled Jon into silence. Balthor's broad, sturdy wargreymon feet were concealed inside a pair of socks. Plain white cotton ones that came up to his ankles. They were snug-fitting, exposing the rugged, handsome contours within, but loose enough around the toes to avoid his claws ripping through.
    Jon stared. "What… Where did you-"
    "Hey, no props," Kael protested, leaning out from his armchair to point accusingly.
    Bal sat down on the sofa and grinned, stretching his legs out in front of him and crossing his ankles provocatively. "Not props," he said. "Just clothing. Still think you're going to win, tough guy?"
    The other digimon rolled his eyes. "Look at me caring." He folded his arms and turned back to the TV. "Timer's started, by the way."
    "Oh it has, has it?" Bal turned an amused, green-eyed gaze upon the human, who was clearly still transfixed by the kinkily concealed wargreymon feet alongside him. "Down you go," Bal said, thumping the carpet lightly with one foot. "Head here." He parted his legs so Jon could get into position.
    "I don't know why," Jon said, settling on his back between the huge white feet of his much larger housemate. "But those really work." He groaned as Bal stretched out both legs and thumped the heel of one foot down beside his shoulder, its white, cotton-wrapped sole looming up vast and glorious before his eyes. The way the fabric hugged around the strong, proportionate curves of the wargyreymon's sole was deeply enticing. The other foot, slowly, wonderfully, came to rest flat on his chest.
    Jon grunted as its warm weight spread over him, almost completely covering the width of his body and weighing him down firmly. The heel sank deep into his abdomen and the toes draped over his chest and collarbone, engulfing his upper body in that snug, sexy way that Bal had long since refined to perfection: infinitely casual, but precise and achingly dominant.
    The cotton sock felt slightly cool against his bare flesh, but it didn't take long before the wargreymon's body heat began to creep through it and warm Jon's tingling flesh. Lying there, weighed down under one of his housemate's gorgeous, military-grade feet while the other rested alongside him, sole on proud display before his longing eyes, Jon found his arousal swelling rapidly despite the residual chill of his cold shower. His boxers were already tenting fiercely and the urge to put his hands to use was almost overwhelming.
    High above him, gazing down the length of his great, orange legs, Balthor smirked knowingly. "You like them, huh?" he taunted playfully, giving a slow, smooth flex of his toes that stretched and wrinkled the cotton around them. "How am I doing?" he asked, to which Kael replied:
    "Forty-five seconds. Little squirt was already moaning into my soles at this point."
    "Guess I'd better get started then." And in a smooth, precise motion, he slid his foot down the length of Jon's body until his heel bumped into the rock-hard bulge in the young man's boxers.
    Jon gasped, juddering at the intense contact. Slowly the wargreymon worked his foot backwards, pushing that tense little bulge under his heel and gradually sliding the length of his sole over it until the great digimon foot rested between his legs, heel on the carpet, ball and toes raised, arch cupping the human's throbbing organ.
    "Oh god," Jon gasped, leaning forward to look at the huge, white-cotton expanse of Bal's sole, poised above his boxers, the arch just lightly touching his constricted erection. Slowly it eased down to smother his tingling flesh, swallowing it up under the warm weight of that huge, strong foot, and Bal began to smoothly rub him.
    Jon did his best to hold on, to suppress the potent surge of ecstasy, but it was far too much for him. "Uhhhh," he groaned, eyes squinting shut as a hot, moist stain spread through his tenting boxers. The huge, heavy foot settled over him, warm and wholesome as the orgasm sang through his straining body. "Mmmmmmph…"
    He heard Bal say something, but it was muffled and distant, his mind able to process nothing beyond the tingling bliss spreading leisurely out from under that gorgeous digimon foot resting so casually over his lower body, effortlessly victorious. He hadn't even been a challenge.
    "One minute six," Kael said, the blackwargreymon suddenly right there, looming over Jon, almost framing his head between both vast armoured feet. "But we both know he's biased."
    "Maybe I'm just sexier," Bal replied, and he chuckled at Kael's derisive snort.
    "Sexier than a blackwargreymon? I don't think so…"
    Jon saw the digimon ease down to sit behind him, a last contemptuous look on his upside-down face before two huge black expanses of bare sole flesh loomed in to fill his vision. He let out a groan of happy resignation as the warm, smooth arches of Kael's feet sank over his face, pressing his head down into the carpet under the weight they bore.
    The wargreymons spent a leisurely half hour draining him, their singularities waxing and waning within Jon's weighed-down body as they serenely absorbed his life energy. When he eventually slid into unconsciousness, it was to the sensation of Bal's gorgeous foot kneading smoothly into his abdomen, strong and dominant, and with his face buried in the supple darkness of Kael's warm black soles.
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This is the absolute best out of these two hunks, so incredibly talented with their feet~
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