Wargreymon Housemates (vol. 1)


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Jon learns about the digimon's DEVASTATING energy drain attack

"So what's this stuff supposed to do?" Jon asked, lifting a glistening hand to his face and splaying his fingers to watch dubiously as the clear, oily substance webbed and stretched between them. "It's kind of… wet."

"He always talk this much?" Kael growled without opening his eyes. "Less chatting, fleshy. More… splatting." The blackwargreymon was slouched on the sofa with his great, armoured feet in Jon's lap while they were tended to, the human sitting cross-legged on the floor beneath them.

On the other side of the room, Balthor remained motionless in his lotus posture. "Play nice," he said. "He's doing us a favour, remember?"

An amused snort. "Like he doesn't get off to this." He splayed his toes responsively as Jon resumed rubbing the oil into his sole. "Huh? I bet you cream your sheets every night thinking about these feet."

Jon wrenched his attention from the broad, black wargreymon sole in his lap and returned Kael's steady, yellow-eyed gaze with an earnest shrug. "Hey, if you will go around showing them off in this sexy armour the whole time…" He grinned as the digimon rolled his eyes and closed them again.

"Hopeless." But he gave another encouraging toe splay as Jon's hands cupped around his big, clawed digits, rubbing in the warm oil with attentive care as the human sat, weighed down under the two blackwargreymon feet, each of which was as long as his forearm and not far off the bredth of his entire torso.

"So…" Jon cleared his throat. "Uh, what does this stuff do?"

"It's just a contact fluid," Balthor answered, rising up out of his cross-legged posture with smooth, easy grace and coming over to sit on the sofa beside the other digimon. "It's supposed to make it easier to maintain a link during the drain." He stretched his arms out casually over the backrest and crossed his ankles, stacking his own sturdy orange feet prominently beside the human. "Chop chop."

"Lube," Kael said simply, scratching at a dent on his chest armour. "Slick victims feel sexier."

Balthor snickered, nodding. "And there's that…"

Jon swallowed, unable to draw his gaze from the sight of Bal's bold, perfect soles right there beside him. Demanding attention from their human slave. Even while weighed down under the heavy black feet of the other digimon, Jon needed only a glance at his housemate's provocatively splaying soles to know that he belonged to them, under them.

Kael released him after another couple of minutes, setting his heels on the coffee table and switching on the TV while Jon sidled over to Balthor's feet. He guided one into his lap when the digimon lifted it, and reached forward under the ankle to unbuckle his housemate's armour. It slid off easily, like the well-used garment it was, to reveal the bare, handsome wargreymon foot beneath.

"God," Jon breathed as Bal rested it down on his lap, firm and warm and heavy, the thick, orange sole fully exposed and facing in against the trunk of his body. He badly wanted to hug himself against it, wrap his arms around that strong, proportionate foot and feel its supple underside against his torso, but out of the corner of his eye he saw Kael shaking his head, and decided to postpone this particular act of submission. At least until they were alone again.

"I say next time we just lube him instead. Be a lot faster."

Jon dipped his hands into the oil and rubbed them together a few times, then began massaging the warm fluid into Balthor's broad, firm sole, causing the digimon to sigh with pleasure, the sofa creaking as he leant back into it.

"And miss out on this? Are you kidding?"

The blackwargreymon folded his arms over his armoured chest and yawned.

"Come on, I know you like it." Bal turned to grin at his companion. "Those little fleshy hands running against your arches…"

Kael flexed his gleaming black feet in front of the TV. "I'd rather feel his guts squeeze out against them."

Jon blinked and looked up. "What?"

A toothy grin, fangs standing out prominently against Kael's black hide as the digimon gazed down the length of his large, powerful body at Jon.

"Play nice," Balthor repeated, eyes closed and head back as he lounged contentedly.

"Yeah, yeah…"

After a moment of wary silence, Jon turned his attention back to the big, orange foot in his lap. "This energy drain," he ventured. "What happens if you take too much?"

Kael chuckled as he watched the TV.

"Well…" Bal scratched the back of his head. "You kind of die, I guess. I mean, it's an attack…"

"Right," Jon said, automatically running his hands between Bal's toes as the digimon splayed them. "Can I… stop it if it's getting too much?"

A derisive snort from the blackwargreymon. "You're welcome to try, fleshy."

Balthor grinned. "You migt be able to resist for a bit if you concentrate hard enough, but the only way to stop it properly is to physically break contact."

"And good luck doing that under a double helping of wargreymon feet.

Bal nodded. "Yeah, you're pretty much screwed if we decide to sponge you." He took his freshly oiled foot from the human's lap and set it on the coffee table beside Kael's, swapping over. "But hey, you've survived this long. And I don't remember you complaining about it the last few times…"

Jon leant forward to unbuckle the armour on Bal's other foot, savouring the close proximety into which it brought that warm orange sole and his beating heart. "Well normally I'm pretty drunk at this point. You guys are basically date-raping me."

Bal reached down to help the struggling human remove his armour. "Nah, just getting high off you. Harmless fun."

Jon looked up, eyes narrowing. "Seriously?"

"Well…" The digimon snickered. "Not high, exactly." He turned to Kael. "I mean, it feels kind of…"

"It's nice," the blackwargreymon agreed. "Tingly."

"Yeah, and throbbing…"

"Like you're made of electricity…"

"I know! What is that?"

Jon could only stare, looking from one digimon to the other as he sat on the floor before them.

Kael turned to smirk down at him. "What, you thought we were doing this to give you a good time?"

"I thought…" Jon looked down as Bal splayed his toes, and he obediently resumed oiling the big, orange foot. "I thought you were just practising for battle or something." He blinked at the entertained noises this notion spurred. "What? You're both wargreymons… don't you do war?"

"Can't do war without energy."

Bal nodded. "War's tiring work."

Jon eyed them both, slouched on the sofa and looking the picture of lethargy. "Well I hope you've got better attacks in reserve. So how's this supposed to work?"

The two digimon glanced at each other, then Balthor took his foot off Jon's lap and leant forward. "You don't remember?"

"I remember falling asleep as your footrest." He turned to Kael "And waking up as yours."

The blackwargreymon snickered. "Yeah…"

"But that's about it."

"Okay." Bal looked at the other digimon. "I Guess that answers the memory question."

"I guess it does."

The wargreymon cleared his throat. "Well, you're not missing much, fleshy. All you need to do is settle back and be a good footrest. It takes a minute or so to get a decent drain going, and that's it. Nice and easy. Sometimes you say it makes you feel numb, but I don't think it hurts or anything." He brought a clawed finger up to scratch at his chin. "Then after a while you, uh, fall asleep and we stop."

"I fall asleep?"

"Yeah. Well, you lose consciousness, I mean."

"We suck the life out of you," Kael offered, and he shrugged at the other digimon's exasperated sigh.

"But then we stop. No harm done."

Jon narrowed his eyes. "

"If you're lucky."

Bal smirked at Jon's dubious expression. "What? It can't be any more dangerous than one of our trample sessions. Anyway, we're not going to risk losing you." He grinned, giving a guilty shrug. "It's tough to find willing victims…"

"And the unwilling ones are so messy," Kael put in.

Jon shot him a narrow glance, then felt a physical shiver run through him as the blackwargreymon retaliated with a far more intimidating one.

"Come on; you'll be fine," Bal said. "Clothes off. Down you go." He looked at the other digimon. "You want his face this time?"

While they negotiated positions, Jon dragged the rug in front of the sofa and put a cushion down for his head. After a bit of repositioning, he stripped off to his underwear and tentatively stretched out on his back, the picture of submission as he lay before the two significantly larger and heavily armoured wargreymons. His body bare and fully exposed, ready to serve.

Balthor was the first to oblige; Jon groaned happily as his housemate's warm, firm sole spread over the tingling bare flesh of his abdomen, sinking down so the arch curved snugly over him. His body responded with a surge of deep, wholesome arousal, the pressure between his legs almost painful and no doubt forming a conspicuous bulge in his underwear. He lifted his head to look at the spectacular orange foot, basking in its strong, handsome glory, the dominance of its casual placement upon him. Bal's other foot descended, pale sole on brief, tantilising display before it squeezed in intimately beside the first and covered him up to the mid chest, weighing him down.

Jon's huffed grunt obscured what would have been a shameful moan of bliss. Through
eyes already beginning to water, he looked up and took in the spectacular sight of Kael's gleaming black sole coming down on him. The oil had made it somehow even more gorgeous, adding a slight sheen to the shapely contours of the big, black foot. It sank onto his chest and shoulders, pushing his chin back to make room for its impressive width as it neatly engulfed his own, heel pressing over one upper arm and toes draping over the other. The side of the blackwargreymon's armour felt warm and smooth against his neck. He could move his head, but not look forward to see the digimon feet slowly claiming him.

"Oh god," Jon breathed, his breath quick and shallow as he lay there, covered up to the neck under the heavy, broad wargreymon feet, squeezed down under three supple, heavenly soles and buried beneath them. The fourth, he saw, had been set down just behind his head, heel on the rug and toes splaying in the air in the periphery of his vision. Kael was toying with him, as usual.

"Any fesh wounds we should know about?" Bal's voice came from somewhere behind the thick, sturdy mass of armoured blackwargreymon leg that filled his vision. He could see Kael's clawed fingers drumming casually on the arm of the sofa above him.

"Huh?" Jon cleared his throat nervously. "You guys aren't going to stand up, right?"

A malicious chuckle and a squeeze of pressure over his chest, pushing the air from his lungs. "Wouldn't need to. Human bones aren't even worthy of the name."

"You'd be surprised how much he can take," came Bal's voice in reply.

"I'd be surprised if he can take anything. You ready to start?"

"Sure am."

The TV came on with a click and Jon was squeezed around under his heavy, organic blanket as the digimon made themselves comfortable on the sofa. He lay quietly, tingling with nervous anticipation, waiting for the strange, unnatural process to start, weighing the new knowledge of its potential lethality against the shameful pleasure he felt in being so dominated by the two wargreymons.

His muscles siezed with surprise as a lurching sensation brewed up swiftly in the pit of his stomach. Balthor chuckled and kneaded him back down, easing both warm, beautiful soles firmly in and out of his abdomen until he relaxed again. The great blackwargreymon foot prevented him from lifting his head, so he lay still, eyes staring upward as he concentrated on the strange feeling, like a cool, viscous singularity in the middle of him, sucking down his insides. A second one began swelling up inside his chest, spurring a startled huff of breath that clouded up the side of Kael's armour.

"Oh wow," Kael's voice growled out. "That really is easy."

"The oil makes a difference, doesn't it?"

The sturdy black foot rocked back and forth, toes spreading as it squeezed down over Jon's chest. "Mmm. And not a drop of blood." He leant forward, putting a pleasant surge of weight on Jon as he looked down at the buried human. "So yeah, you just go ahead and break contact when you've had enough."

Under the resting weight of the three wargreymon feet and one set of sturdy leg armour, Jon might as well have been vacuum sealed against the ground. There was no possibility of him breaking contact against the digimons' will and Kael knew it. "Bastard," Jon gasped, and he groaned in blissful defeat as the blackwargreymon's other foot loomed in above his vision, toes splaying with flaunting menace as it hovered above his face.

"What was that?"

Jon swallowed, weighing the pros and cons while the handsome, ebony sole flexed above him, its movements spectacularly slow and smooth. "I… I said-"

Kael pressed it down over his face. "You lose, fleshy. Game over." The digimon's muzzle curled into a smirk as Jon's overwhelmed convulsing fizzled out harmlessly under him, muted to nothing.

"Let him breathe," Balthor said after a while, and the blackwargreymon grudgingly obliged, shifting his great black foot a little so the heel rested on the rug beside Jon's head. It left the arch to curve smoothly over the side of it so the ball and toes only rested casually over the human's face rather than channeling all the weight of the big, armoured foot onto it.

"Little pervert isn't even trying to move. Gods."

Bal shrugged. "Hey, that just means more energy for us. Are you draining yet?"

The other digimon shook his head. "Just letting it soak in for now. Save the draining for those emotional peaks."

"Okay. Let's just try to stay in sync this time." A broad, orange foot lifted and Bal gently draped his toes against the stark bulge in Jon's underwear. Another shudder shook the human and he chuckled, creeping the ball of his foot over the sensitive flesh beneath until the little bulge slid into his supple arch. He held it there for a while, then slowly he drew his foot back, running inch after inch of warm, firm sole flesh against the tense organ until it lay under his toes again, twitching urgently. Halfway through a second slow rub, it convulsed in defeat and a hot, wet stain spread through the fabric around it. "There's one," Bal said. "Enjoy."

Jon groaned into Kael's sole as the potent orgasm sang through his body, a rich, numbing wave of pleasure that muted his senses and relaxed every muscle. The two digimon strengthened their links, heightening the odd lurching sensation in Jon's stomach and chest and causing him to clench back up reflexively.

"Resisting, are we?" It was Kael's voice, accompanied by a mild squeeze of pressure from the big blackwargreymon foot covering his head.

Jon swallowed, disoriented by the intense feelings inside him. "No… I just…"

"Put your tongue out."

Jon shakily obeyed and the warm black flesh against his face began moving, dragging slowly downwards, forcing him to lick it. Jon shivered with pleasure as the supple mound of Kael's ball slid over his tongue, the toes following, flexing casually as they ran across his face. They felt glossy-smooth thanks to the attentive oiling he had given them earlier. The great black foot lifted and Jon saw a little streak of moisture across the middle of its upper half before the firm, hevy heel descended onto his tongue and Kael began a second slow, smooth facial wipe.

"Aaaah, that's better," Bal said, and gave an amused snort. "What are you doing to him down there?"

"Letting him show some devotion." A third wipe.

"Uh-huh? Well it's doing wonders for the energy flow."

"Distraction usually does the trick," Kael said as he slowly ran the soft soles of his toes over the human's tongue. "If they can't concentrate, they can't resist."

Jon opened his eyes, but couldn't see past the wall of blackwargreymon sole sliding slowly over his face. "Guys, I'm really not resisting…"

"That's what you think, feshy, but you are. There's nothing more unnatural than an energy drain. Your body's fighting it."

"Uh huh?" Jon couldn't help but snort laughter into Kael's splaying sole. "Guess my body's stronger than you think…" He squirmed as he felt Bal's heavy feet kneading into his abdomen.

"Your body's a wargreymon footrest," the digimon retorted.

"And doormat," Kael added. "Tongue out. We're not done yet."

"I still think this is a pretty rubbish attack." Jon muttered, but he knew better than to disobey, and closed his eyes as he submitted to the humbling job of licking the big black sole. Or rather, to providing a wet surface for it to wipe against.

"Shows how much you know," Kael snorted as he resumed wiping.

"It's meant to be done on an open wound," Balthor's voice explained from somewhere behind the great dark sole of the blackwargreymon. "You slash them open, then drain. It's like a hundred times more powerful that way. Instant match winner."

"Slash and drain," Kael agreed. Jon thought he heard them high-five.

"It's pretty weird that it works through your flesh, actually."

"And through sole contact too."

"Yeah, you must be super-puny…"

Jon pulled his face away from the Kael's smothering arch to say, "Gee, thanks," but the big black foot caught his head and firmly rolled it back upright.

"Quiet." Kael gave him a warning squeeze until he put his tongue back out. "You're lucky we skip the slashing part."

Jon retreated into obedient silence, head back and tongue extended while the blackwargreymon slowly cleaned his sole on it. Kael was almost painfully meticulous, moving his foot with clinical precision to carefully run every portion of its supple, ebony flesh over the human's dominated little oral muscle. Inadvertantly it licked all over the heel, deep into the arch, across the ball in neat horizontal strokes then to the tip of each individual toe. As the minutes ticked by, Jon tried to hold on, tried to resist the insatiable sexiness of it, but when he felt those smooth black toes running slowly over his face for a fifth time, it was too much.

"He's going again," Kael said, and pushed the ball of his foot to Jon's gasping face while the human tumbled into a second orgasm.

Bal gave a long, contented growl, pressing his soles slowly in and out of the heaving abdomen beneath them. "Mmmm, that's it…"

"You feel that?"

"Yeah… He almost lost it that time."

Jon tried to listen to the conversation while post-climatic pleasure ebbed gradually from his dilated veins, but suddenly it was strangely hard to focus. The warm, dark pressure of Kael's foot covering his face was a tremendous obstacle to his concentration, of course, as were Bal's own tremendous feet kneading his lower body like putty, but even so he felt… wrong. Sapped of strength, like a limb numbed by an awkward night's sleep. "Guys, can you…" He stopped, startled by his own slurred, incomprehensible speech. "I don't think… Hey! Hello?"

The great, dark sole lifted from his face to reveal Kael, leant forwards and gazing down at him. The digimon's eyes were half-closed, pupils dilated, but a broad smile crept over his muzzle as he watched the human try to speak. "What's up, fleshy? You want out?"

"Please," Jon said, but it came out as a loose gurgle. "I can't…" His eyes rolled back as Bal's soft toes eased him into a third orgasm.

Kael snickered, letting his warm black foot sink slowly over the human's face as he reclined on the sofa.

"Aaaah… I think that did it," the other digimon growled. "Mind finishing him off?"

Jon moaned quietly as Kael began slowly grinding his face, the warm, oiled toes and ball running smoothly against his tingling flesh. His subdued reflexes threw up one last halfhearted muscle clench, but this instinctive self-preservation was no match for the combined energy drains of the two digimon.

As the supple black sole ground his face like a discarded cigarette, Jon went limp with a shaky sigh and both digimon began to groan with pleasure. Their big, armoured feet stopped moving and were simply placed down to rest on him, clawed toes splaying in bliss as the human's energy flowed freely.



"That's just…"

"I know."

Through eyes wet with tears of exhaustion, Jon gazed up at the bottoms of Kael's smoothly flexing toes. He couldn't move, couldn't think, just lay there while the wargreymons took what they wanted from his defeated body, his consciousness dwindling steadily as the energy welled up out of him like floodwater from an oversaturated drain. It brought about a sense of intense helplessness as he lay there, unable to move or speak, and with no idea how to prevent the life slowly draining out of him. He was utterly at the mercy of the two wargreymons, stretched out on the floor and buried under their warm, heavy digimon feet.

From somewhere above, he heard Bal's voice, muffled and strange. "It's slowing down," he said. "Is he still conscious?"

"Just about," came Kael's reply from much closer, his deep voice laced with pleasure. "Hold on…"

Jon gave an involuntary shudder as the great black sole on his face resumed its degrading caress, sliding back and forth over his slackened features with smooth, slow strokes of the toes and ball. His body responded with helpless obedience, giving up another long draught of precious energy that spurred further contented noises from the two wargreymons.

In the midst of this barrage, Bal's warm, supple sole found the still-firm bulge between Jon's legs and began skillfully working it, stroking deep, penetrating waves of pleasure into the drained human. His last flickers of mental resistence died unnoticed as the big orange foot smoothly overcame him.

"That's it," Bal growled as Jon's aching orgasm freed up another wave of energy. "Man, this feels good."

The ebony sole on Jon's face continued its remorseless caress, warm, oiled toes and ball sliding back and forth with gentle insistence. It was finally too much for the exhausted human. As his mind sank down into inky blackness, the room closing in around him, Jon heard the contented voices of the two digimon, muffled and slow as he lost consciousness.

"I think he's done."

A disappointed groan. "Come on… it's not like he'll remember."

"Okay, maybe just a few more minutes…"

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