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The tale of a growing yeen

Howdy folks!
I've checked in Reddit today where I posted the same image I did as in the art sharing forums. /u/PM_ME_POTATO_PHOTOS was eager to make a story out of Kedra, my hyena! Here is a link to the story in question, but down here's the full text if someone is interested in reading. A big shoutout to them, it was so sweet of them to do I gilded their comment in return. <3

I really enjoyed reading it myself! Although I kind of felt a little sad at some parts. Poor girl got alienated from the rest because of her massive growth rate. She seemed to enjoy it though.. I can't blame her for it.

Without further ado, the story:

As a young child, I was always very tall. In kindergarten, I would tower over my fellow students, at a mighty 5'0". By 5th grade, I was the same height or taller than my teachers, which made talking to them very awkward. By then, I was also taller than my parents, which they didn't like one bit.

When I hit 7 feet tall in 6th grade, I got myself a doctor's visit. Woohoo, time off school! I managed to clamber into my mom's car with my dad in shotgun (no fair) and we made our way over. I felt very awkward, cutting off half a hallway with my legs as I sat down. I was visited by my usual doctor, did a check-up, and waited as he left the room. Outside the room, I heard small snippets of a conversation.

"We've been monitoring this one for a while… only one we've ever seen… got a good place for her family… it'll be good for everyone."

That last line came before two wolves in suits came in. I'd recognized them from the doctor's office from before. They told me I suffered (ouch) from "…extreme giantism", and my family and I would be taken into special housing, and you have to do… blah, blah, blah. All I heard was that I wouldn't have to go to school anymore, which was a big win for me. I signed whatever papers went under my pen, eagerly dreaming of lounging around, watching TV, playing video games, playing with chew toys, a twelve year old's paradise. My absent-mindedness and large hands made for an extremely messy signature. My parents took a long time reviewing every piece of paper, asking questions to the two wolves, who answered every one. They took over an hour to get finished, which meant an hour of clumsily playing on my phone.

When they finally signed, I got to ride in a van with my parents. The wolves sat in the front (even though I called shotgun). When I got there, it was like my wildest dreams. 20-foot high ceilings with plenty of space to play and lounge around. All the chew toys and video games I'd ever want. My parents got the master bedroom, but I got an absolutely huge bed. It was about as wide as a street, and about as long as the ceilings were high. It felt like I had just moved into a mansion. It was also a nice relief to my parents because they didn't have to pay rent anymore. In fact, the people who housed us paid for all our expenses. I wasn't allowed to see my friends, which sucked, but I was allowed to text/email them. I had a diet of mostly this weird grainy food. They told me it was to give me enough energy, but I think they just liked to see my face contort with displeasure as I ate it. They had a few requests and tasks for us to do, regular check-ups, eat this at these times, and the most exciting one was to mark my height every day. The first day, we marked it as 7'0".

One week later, I was 7'1" tall. By a month, I reached 7'6". By then, I'd realized that my height was too high to be normal, but I enjoyed that thought. Some people were completely normal, waking up, going to work, eating the same lunch every day, going home, eating dinner, and falling asleep. Some people were living on autopilot, stuck at a dead-end job that they'd never have the courage to leave. I was glad that I had this strange condition, if it made me special.

The doctors who lived next to us were seemingly amazed at my completely normal and uninteresting health.

By 13 I was 9'2" tall. At this point, they'd made special, larger versions of the items I used almost every day. Clothes, video game controllers, TV remotes, but not phones. We'd just get the new version and it mostly stayed proportional to my height. I was also allowed outside in a large backyard behind the house. By this time I had also realized why I couldn't go into the outside world. I was just too tall. I wouldn't be able to fit in any doors, cars, houses, shops, really everything would just be too small for me.

By 14 I was about 13' tall. By this point I had run through every show on Netflix. It got to the point where I'd sit on the floor to be a bit more level with people I was talking with. On my 14th birthday, after the party, the doctors called me in early. They told me I should expect to see my growth decline. That according to some science mumbo-jumbo, I couldn't sustain this level of growth for a few more years. I felt a little happy and a little sad. A little happy because I'd be able to maintain my height and things would stop changing around me. I was also sad for the same reasons. I loved becoming taller, bigger, more powerful. It felt good to know how special I was. Every notch in the wall where my height was recorded was a reminder that I was truly unique, and that wouldn't happen anymore.

At age 15 I reached 20'. At this point, the notches in the wall had to be done by somebody getting into a cherry picker and scratching it in. The roofs were literally raised and I got a brand new, far larger bed. I either had to get my chin on the floor or I had to lift somebody up to be able to hear them without them yelling. The doctors were concerned that I was growing faster and faster, but they saw no problems with my health, other than the literal elephant in the room.

By age 16 I had become 30' tall. Everybody was absolutely flabbergasted, myself included. I was getting taller and taller quicker and quicker, and we all were wondering if and when I would stop.

Skipping a year, I was 57' tall by age 18. By this point, I was only allowed outside, because I'd simply become too big for it. In order to occupy and communicate with me, I was given a massive phone, about as tall as I was. I was really excited, but it became a tablet by the next year.

At age 19 I had become 94' tall. By now I was just eating my special food by the crateful. I could still communicate on the massive phone turned tablet, but I had to be careful not to step on anything when I was walking around.

By age 20 my tablet had become a phone, and my height became 166' tall. To do the measurements, I had to put a mirror on my head and they'd shine a laser at it, as they didn't want to put anyone that high. I was given a larger area to exist in, as it became clear my growth was not slowing down.

Skipping a year, I'd already become too large for my outside area. The height readings read about 360' tall on the low end. This was the last measured reading I'd ever hear, but I certainly wasn't done growing. They decided that they were going to put me over in the mountains so I could live on my own. I'd still get my special food by the truckful, and I could get visited every so often. In order to get me out there (no small feat), I was loaded into an especially long trailer and shipped off deep into the nearby mountains. It was cramped in there, even with the extra length added. I always made sure to keep track of the direction we were going so I knew which way home was.

As soon as I arrived, I managed to fernaggle my way outside and watched as they brought out my first shipment of food and water. As I saw the comically long truck fade away into the distance, I realized how alone I was now. We'd been in that truck for about an hour, and the speed limit was 75 mph, and my basic understanding of the local geography meant I was about 75 miles away from any civilization.

At first I felt lonely, but I knew I'd get visits every month and get food and water every week. The first thing I did was scratch an arrow into a mountain that pointed home. This would be my compass and a reminder that home was just a day or two away. I also kept the tradition by marking my height into a much taller mountain.

After the 4 seasons and 12 check-ups had passed, I was about 2 and a half times taller than my first marking, which put me around 800' tall. After the end of the first year, the doctors started coming more frequently, so my only contact with people was through the weekly food trucks, which were just weekly episodes of "somebody drives a truck over and they drive the truck back." Riveting.

I kept track of the days like a prison inmate with tally marks on a mountain. I reached what I thought was 23 years of oversized existence and what was around 1400' tall. A few months later, I noticed a little bit of snow on the ground. I wanted to see how everything had changed in the city, a desire that had been growing (ehe) from when I was in the house. Over the next few days, I made my way towards my former home. I waited where nobody could see me, behind a large mountain, for my courage to build up to say "hi."

When I finally managed to work up the courage, I stood up from the mountain and made my way so I could see the city better. People began to come outside to see me. I couldn't tell how they looked at me, or even who they were, but I knew they were looking at me. I knew I couldn't just retreat back to my mountain. The whole city was deathly quiet. When I eventually arrived to the side of the city, I scanned to attempt to find my home.

Then, I heard somebody yell "Merry Christmas!"

In an effort to show I didn't mean any harm, I replied with "Merry Christmas to you, too," trying to keep quiet as possible. Then, I saw windows shatter. The buildings in front of me shook. I worried that there was an earthquake, and tried to see if I could try and help anybody.

Then, I realized that I was the earthquake. I panicked, and decided to not try and help in the fear that is screw things up again. I decided to leave quickly so they didn't have to worry about me anymore. I've been running away from other people for a while now, because I don't wanna screw it up again.
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Aww… A more somber look into the process of "growing up." lt still had its fun parts, though, too! That was a good read, thanks for sharing it!
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