Rampage 1 & 2 (N64) GameShark Codes


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Enjoy a rampage at your own pace!

Earlier this year, I decided to return to one of my old favourites, Rampage: World Tour. My newfound interest in vore gave me a greater appreciation for these games, which is why I was bothered even more by the lack of essential cheats I could find for the 2nd game. To clarify, everything was there for Rampage 1, but 2 was missing invincibility and the super punch! Moreover, I knew there was a time limit on stages, but I didn't know how to find codes decades ago. But since I'm more learned these days, I was able to find it and the others easily! Also important to the backstory: I wanted the sprites from these games, but no one's ever ripped them, natch. That is, except for one person who asked for help and got UI codes for chroma-keying the basics. Analyzing that (or rather, randomly poking values in a similar region offset), I was able to make the same UI codes for the 2nd game! … Only to find out that the scrolling healthbar overrides it, so I created them for the 2nd game for nothing. Instead, I found coordinate modifiers, which somehow work better with invincibility on.

(P.S. The sprites l captured are pixel-imperfect, so l don't feel inclined to share my shoddy sprite-ripping work. l can tell you all about how to use Fraps + VirtualDub, though)

Anyway, I think that covers my story. Let's get on to the codes already!

First off, I'm only listing the new codes, so visit GameHacking.org for starters (only in NTSC-U, huh?)

Rampage: World Tour (NTSC-U)

Infinite Time
810DB760 ????
Counts down from about 0FFF, stage ends at 0000. Works on bonus stages, keep that in mind!

The following four codes were listed by N. of Mugen Fighters Guild and can be used to capture non-building monster sprites on a pink background from an emulator. Link to post

Lifebar- X,Y scale
810C08FB 0999
810C08F7 00FF

Lifebar- color
810C08FE 7C1F

Lifebar- X,Y position on screen
810C08C3 0000
810C08C7 0000

Screen won't darken/Text won't pop up pause screen
810C5188 3080
(Crashes when I used it?)

Rampage 2: Universal Tour (NTSC-U)

Infinite Time
811203A8 ????
Counts down from about 0FFF, stage ends at 0000. I forget if this game has bonus stages…

8115450C 01CD

811542F0 01CD

81154944 01CD

81154B60 01CD

81154F98 01CD

81154D7C 01CD

81154728 01CD

Super Punch\Boris
8115450E 01CD

Super Punch\Curtis
811542F2 01CD

Super Punch\George
81154946 01CD

Super Punch\Lizzie
81154B62 01CD

Super Punch\Myukus
81154F9A 01CD

Super Punch\Ralph
81154D7E 01CD

Super Punch\Ruby
8115472A 01CD

Expand: Click: Healthbar Modifiers That Don't Really Work Click: Healthbar Modifiers That Don't Really Work

Since the healthbar trick didn't work, l decided to make coordinate modifiers. Luckily, some stages have a single colour at the tip-top of 'em. If you want eating sprites, you'll have to select a prey and find their X/Y coordinates yourself. Just compare to the monster's X coordinate a bunch, which is right next to Y.

Monster Y Coord
810F67B8 ????
Around FF50 is where the single-colour sky tends to be.
Needs Invincibility to make it work.
Default is around 00E1.

Expand: Click: Misc. Codes I Uncovered Click: Misc. Codes I Uncovered


If anyone wants me to find the time, invincibility, or super punch codes for PAL, just ask me and l'll make it my life goal. l might not be so ready for any other codes, but ask anyway, l'm typically a pushover.

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I can't recall if I had either of these games on the N64 back in the day or not…pretty sure I still have my N64 and I did have a GameShark for it, must be in the garage somewheres.  :)
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I'm planning on converting this thread into an overall collection of my hacking, most of which is kaiju-related, but right now l'm a little lazy.
This first link is my Cheat Engine tables as is, some are easy to use while others are just documentation on how to find stuff yourself. Notable things are various Earth Defense Force tables and Project 64 1.6 with Donkey Kong 64 pointers. I also recently did some fancy stuff with Final Fantasy VIII's playable monsters and Devour command.

I organized a size modifier into a button code for this game:

Expand: Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage

I found the size modifiers myself for this:

Expand: Spyro 3: Year of the Dragon Spyro 3: Year of the Dragon

These are the stompy things l've managed to get out of MM and ML64:

Expand: Majora's Mask (U) Codes and ModLoader64 Screenshots Majora's Mask (U) Codes and ModLoader64 Screenshots

Here's what I have for stomping around in DK64:

Expand: DK64 Rampaging Codes DK64 Rampaging Codes

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