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  • Posted 4th December 2017, 2:00 pm
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Come on folks, I'm sure you all have something of interest and value to other macro/micro fans to post! You can post some art, start a conversation, start an RP! Just… do something other than lurk. Generating activity will attract more activity. Just lurking silently will ensure LD5 fades into memory.

Use it or lose it! 

*starts chanting “fade…!  Fade…!”*
Weesaurs don't get a say in the matter.  :ninastomp:
*squeakles under Nina stomp and hides in a slipper* :slipper:
Yeah, if you are not using it, then you might as well be losing it. This quote is what made me work harder at my job, and I am quite thankful for that. If I didn't work harder, all of it would have been a waste for me.
Can I know what you mean by lose it or win it on reviews?  I think that it's not the right way to do so and you need to take some break just for having it slip out of your hand.
*wiggles his toes into the Macro Zone*  :thumbs:  :thumbs:
Mmmm, toes
*smishes the tiny dinosaur with a thick blue dragon toe*  :ninastomp: :slipper:

Dinosorceror said

Mmmm, toes
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