Okay, turned off goober comments

Well, finally took another look at the web site, and saw that guests were allow to comment on galleries, so we were just getting the usual spam.  I think I've turned that off now.

I still am just pretty unhappy with this shitty new CMS system, really will be tossing all this out and starting over again with something more friendly and interesting.
Tossing all this out? Oh man, l don't think l can remember all my detailed descriptions for my gallery whatevers! You know, the ones that took all of ten minutes for me to pack into a text file? Well, if you must, it can't be helped. l just hope the next idea has a post-designer as detailed as this one. lt was kinda fun writing up that Rampage topic…

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Ugh, whenever I see a "New comment"-notifcation I usually hope someone commented or made something interesting, but it's always those dumb tiny folks and the ""essays"" they're selling… (cough malware) And they're spreading it on EVERY POST. Gah, those tinies make me ANGRY! I'd say we throw all of our "guests" into a giant stomp pit… And then we'll see if they have the courage to advertize again! Hee hee hee..!

..Er, I mean..I'm not sure how to feel about this CMS setup. It kinda works, but it's pretty darn confusing when you start with it. Where's the manual on this thing?

I wouldn't be suprised if you tossed this system away, it feels like a very confusing forum.

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