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2D city stomping!

This is a personal game l've worked on for years with a primary focus on a giant monster crushing a city. lt has a wide array of over three dozen monsters, two full cities, a Starbound randomizer of the tiny village sub-biome, and a sandbox recreation of the Yoshi's Island final boss.

Hotfix 2: Fixed losing control of monster if loading a state that didn't match the current monster.

Not really accepting bug reports, most everything is done intentionally and what's unintentional l find sooner or later. That being said…
Known issues:
-UI doesn't scale when zooming out. I learned how to fix this, l just need to implement it to every single piece of text.
-Helicopter collision with buildings is kinda funky. lt's a result of the implementation, it only collides with the nearest building. Kinda too far in to think of a better method, and l can't really be bothered to care to think of a better method.
-Starbound randomizer isn't fully complete. l plan on adding the rest of the buildings and making the randomness more organic later.
-Monster Select Menu is missing many icons. The functionality is finished, l just need to go through the tedium of adding all the icons.
-Nothing happens when Y.I. Bowser reaches his goal other than a silent stat increase. I need to think of a way to remove backgrounds nicely.
-l left in a WIP Godzilla: Domination map. Halted production so l could finalize a public release.
-There are four versions of Bowser and three of them are from Mario & Luigi games. l really like Bowser, those sprites in particular.

Please refer to the readme or the F1 menu for controls and additional information.

Discord mirror:

Ad-ridden MediaFire link:

This game hides a certain pair of buildings from KotM2 by default. lf you dislike censorship, remove the NY=1 from the main INI file.

System requirement info:
Tested on an AMD A8-6500 of 3.5GHz. Seems to be just enough to get a consistent full speed with minor background processes, considering my previous slightly-weaker computer would drop frames when the game engine does its random CPU-spike.
Uses around 400MB of RAM.
Uses at most 200MB of VRAM.
lt's just a sprite game, but it does use about 900 graphics (some of which are huge), plus the cities contain over 2,000-3,500 destroyable objects. Good thing l added some instance optimization!

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lf you absolutely need to contact me, try my FurAffinity account named Kemui52, or my YouTube channel named HeadofWhy. l rarely check those places, but it's actually possible to sign up there.

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